Westside Yoga is Atlanta's best yoga studio! We are located in Atlanta's Westside neighborhood, near Midtown and Buckhead. We offer the best Atlanta yoga classes, private yoga classes, corporate yoga, and Atlanta Yoga teacher training that meets and exceeds Yoga Alliance standards for RYT 200.


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​​"This is Atlanta's best yoga studio! It's super welcoming and also challenging. I'm always looking for a good workout to push me and help me improve my strength, flexibility, and focus. Westside is the perfect place for that! Every class and teacher are amazing!" -Bridgette B.


For your first visit to the studio, try to arrive at least 15 minutes before class is scheduled to begin. Hydrate throughout the day, as much as possible, and bring a yoga mat, and a towel to class. Check in at the front desk when you arrive, and follow these guidelines for a great experience, very time you meet your mat:

  • If you have questions, email is the best and fastest way to reach us. 
  • For the safety and security of everyone, we are a cashless business. Please pay for your classes online or with check and photo ID.
  • If possible, please register for classes on Mind Body before you arrive, and store a card on file, to make it easier to pay for, and register for classes. This will guarantee your spot, and save a lot of time when you arrive.
  • All levels are welcome in every class, and modifications are offered within poses as necessary.
  • You may find our class cancellation policy here.
  • Our new student special and Groupon offers are for local residents only.
  • If you have a high risk medical condition, concerns about your safety, or a repetitive strain injury, get your doctor's approval before taking your first class. 
  •  Tell your yoga teacher if you are recovering from injury, or have physical limitations.
  • Children ages 12 and up are welcome in our classes, as long as they can stay focused on the practice and not disturb the other students. 
  • Your yoga teacher is your guide, and wants to help you have a fantastic experience. Let him or her know if you need help or have questions. 
  • You do not have to do everything the teacher suggests--it's your practice! Trust your judgement when trying new poses, skip anything that makes you feel at at risk of injury, and take breaks whenever you need them. 
  • Our classes are challenging, but you can rest when you need. If your body tells you to stop, honor your intuition. 
  • If your body wants more, go for it with intention and awareness. Mindfully challenge yourself to improve with every practice.
  • If you feel dizzy, please drop to your knees, and rest in Child's Pose.
  • Do not take anything besides a yoga mat and towel into the studio. Cubbies are provided in the lobby for other belongings, and the front door is locked when class begins. We also have security cameras to deter theft.
  • Please pre-hydrate before class. Water bottles are not allowed in the studio, unless you have a medical condition that makes it necessary to keep water close when you exercise. (In general, drinking water during yoga practice is discouraged, because it diminishes the fire the is created in the practice.) 
  • Please set your cell phone and smart watch to airplane mode before you enter the studio, and try to minimize disruptions in our sacred space.
  • Yoga is a practice, not a "perfect". Just do your best.
  • Yoga is an incremental process, so give yourself grace, especially in your first few yoga classes.
  • If you feel sore after your first few classes, drink a lot of water and stretch often. 
  • Our #1 rule is no judgements of yourself, or others. Practice non-attachment to outcome, and enjoy the journey!  
  • Sorry, but we do not have showers.

Westside Yoga Atlanta