Experience the life-changing combination of  Yoga and Infared Heat Therapy! Our classes are heated to 85-87 degrees with Infared Heat for a transformative healing experience. 

When our Founder, Amber Barry, was first diagnosed with Autoimmune Thyroid Disease in 2008, she was gravely ill and could barely get out of bed. Her doctors told her that she either needed thyroid surgery or radiation, to heal her disease. She refused both, and instead leaned further into her yoga practice. Having studied yoga since 1998, she felt certain that there was more natural way to manage her disease. She began practicing yoga daily, and visiting an infared sauna for 45 minutes, 3-4 times each week. These two practices, in combination with a thyroid-supportive diet, took her disease into remission 18 months later. Although the process took some time, she was ultimately able to avoid surgery and radiation, and she was glad she chose the natural route. Autoimmune Thyroid Disease is not curable, so Amber continues to manage her symptoms with yoga, infared heat and diet. Because of this healing experience with infared heat, we are super excited about the addition of infared heat to the offerings at Westside Yoga. Come see for yourself how infared heat can improve your yoga practice and heal your body! All levels can benefit from practicing yoga with infared heat.

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