*Please note: For the safety and security of our students and teachers, we are a CASHLESS business. Please pay for your classes before arriving, or bring card or check with you to class. 

At Westside Yoga Atlanta, we believe that yoga is for everyone! Our classes are diverse and challenging. We will encourage you to make the most of your time on the mat, but we will never reprimand you for taking a break when you need it. Our rule is "No judgements EVER". Please drop to your knees for child's pose, rest in Down Dog or Mountain Pose, whenever you would like. On the flip side, please know that you can also modify poses and add extra repetitions, if you want to get more out of your practice. 

Please register and pay for classes on Mind Body before you come to class. This will secure your spot in our class, and simplify your experience when you arrive. This is not required, but highly recommended. We do accept last minute drop-ins, but only if there is room in the class. Note also that we are a CASHLESS business, but we do accept checks.


Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your class is scheduled to start. For everyone's safety and security, the door will be locked at the beginning of classes. Upon arrival at the studio, please sign in for your class at the front desk. All students MUST check in by signing the register, even if you checked in on Mind Body before class. Please roll out your mat early, and make space for other students who might arrive after you. Please pay for you classes in advance and store your credit card.


It is advised that you bring your own yoga mat to class, but we do have mats for rent ($2 per class) if necessary. For the benefit of everyone in the class, please align the front of your yoga mat with one of the Westside Yoga logo stickers on the baseboards, that serve as markers for mat placement. This makes it easier for us to make space for students that might be running late, and also makes it easier for the teacher to walk around and help students during class. 


We do not allow cell phones in the practice area. Also, out of courtesy for our teachers and your fellow students, please silence your phones before you enter the studio. 


Please observe basic hygiene when attending yoga class. If you tend to break into a heavy sweat, please bring a towel to class each time. It is recommended that you use your own mat for hygiene reasons. If you borrow a mat, please clean it and give it to the instructor to hang to dry. Stack props neatly. If you are sick, please stay home. Students that are clearly ill may be asked to leave, to protect the health of everyone at the studio. 


Appropriate clothing includes yoga pants, sweatpants, fitted shorts, tank tops, t-shorts, and sports bras. Please wear clothing that is fitted for your own safety. Men are required to keep their t-shirt on at all times. Baseball hats are not allowed in class. 


Please be mindful of the students around you, and move your mat to make room for other students. Please also maintain mat lines across the room, aligning the top of your mat with the black dots on the baseboards, as it helps us make space for other students. 

Late Cancel/No Show Policy:
We will not charge you for a late cancelled or missed class, unless the class is full, and that spot could have been given to another student. We also will not charge you for a missed group yoga class if you cancel 2 hours or more, before the class time. If you late cancel or miss a class, you will only be charged a fee if the class is full. Please note that the cancellation window for holidays, workshops and events is extended to 4 hours in advance, to avoid a cancellation or missed class fee. 


Please notify your teacher if you have any injuries or health conditions that might require modification in class. If you have a repetitive strain condition, or high risk health condition, do not come to class unless you have prior approval from your doctor. 


Our goal is to make yoga fun, accessible, and rewarding for everyone! We welcome students ages 12 and up in every class, and offer a special drop-in rate for students in high school and college (must show valid student ID). 


Traditional yoga teaches that we should hydrate before and after our practice, not during. This is for the benefit of the digestive system. Consuming water while building heat in the body interrupts the process of tapas, or building heat in the body, which helps us eliminate toxins. Taking breaks to drink water also disrupts the meditative quality of the practice, and makes it harder to focus the mind, in preparation for meditation. It can be distracting to other students as well. For these reasons, and also to keep the studio space organized, we do not allow water bottles on the studio floor during practice.

Yoga teaches that it is important to clear the clutter in our life--an observance known as aparigraha. For this reason, we ask that you store all items in our cubbies (other than your mat and towel). 


If you sign up for an autopay account, and decide to suspend or cancel your membership, you must give us 15 days advance written notice. Note that there is a 3 month minimum for all autopays that can not be refunded, if you cancel before 3 months have passed since your first draft. No exceptions can be made.

If you need the instructor's time beyond class, and it will take more than 5 minutes, please consider booking the teacher's time for a private lesson. 


Westside Yoga is not responsible for valuables that are left unattended on the premesis or in the parking lot at Howell Mill Village. 


We value your feedback! Please feel free to contact us at info@westsideyoga.com at any time, with any comments or suggestions you might have.

We are committed to providing excellent yoga experiences for students of all levels! Everyone is welcome in every class at Westside Yoga Atlanta.


Westside Yoga is Atlanta's best power yoga studio! We are located in Atlanta's Westside neighborhood, near Midtown and Buckhead. We offer the best Atlanta yoga classes, private yoga classes, corporate yoga, and Atlanta Yoga teacher training that meets and exceeds Yoga Alliance standards for RYT 200.


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